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FZ Vapor Honing

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Non-abrasive wet blasting restores surfaces without damaging delicate materials and substrates. Process cleans years of tarnishing, oxidization, and staining.

Located in Northern California’s East Bay

Part Refinishing

Part Refinishing

Frank Zucchi Restoration Vapor Honing will save you time and costs on inspection, restoration, and assembly by having perfectly clean parts for reassembly.

Wet Honing 

Unlike dry blasting, the wet honing process is a non-abrasive blast due to the cushioning effect of water. 


Delicate Surfaces 

Very fine medias are used for very delicate surfaces and substrates. 


No Warping 

Wet blasting does not impregnate media into the surface and does not create heat, which eliminates part warping. 


Gentle Refinishing 

Vapor honing is more gentle to soft aluminum than dry processes, yet it will remove a microscopic layer of oxidized metal and corrosion.


Like Brand New 

Vapor honed parts look practically brand new. It can clean down into tight spaces that are very difficult to clean chemically. 

Years of concours restoration experience lead to the discovery of this non-invasive surface cleaning.


Frank Zucchi Restoration Vapor Honing removes years of tarnishing, oxidization, and staining for a like new finish on metals, plastics, and rubber.

Part Restoration

Frank Zucchi Restoration Vapor Honing will save you time and costs on inspection, restoration, and assembly by having perfectly clean parts for reassembly.

Contact us for a quote! Located in Northern California’s East Bay.

(925) 294-5666 -

Safe For Delicate Materials

Metal /  Brass / Plastic / Rubber 


Automotive / Motorcycle 

Engine / Cylinder Heads / Cases 

Carburetor / Intake Manifolds / Trim Moldings  

Suspension Components


Engine / Transmission Parts 

Blocks /  Cases / Pistons / Water Pumps 

Delicate Restoration 

Preserve original textures and finishes on original mechanical and trim pieces without degradation of fine details.








FZ Vapor Honing

FZ Vapor Honing is a service to aid restorers and mechanics in their quest for maintaining the integrity of their original components. FZ Vapor Honing is a non-abrasive process that does not warp delicate materials, does not impregnate media into the surface, and will return a part to its original finish and texture without degradation.

Frank Zucchi Restoration has provided unparalleled excellence for exotic and vintage automobiles restoration. During their restorations, they searched for a process to protect original mechanical and trim pieces. They now offer FZ Vapor Honing to you for your projects.


Frank Zucchi Restoration Inc has is a long family history of specialized artisan quality automobile restoration, passed down from Father to son, a family business since 1963. Frank has a deep passion and vast knowledge of vintage, race and classic automobiles, with many awards and accolades to their portfolio of work. It is their goal to restore treasured automobiles to their grandeur and preserve them for generations to come.

Contact FZ Vapor Honing for a quote!

(925) 294-5666 -

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FZ Vapor Honing

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